Monday, November 17, 2008

Midnight Star - No Parking On The Dancefloor

Vocoder music has made a comeback of sorts lately. T-Pain started the comeback, then Snoop did "Sexual Eruption" and now everyone is in on it. I did no research on that history of modern vocoder-laced music, so feel free to refute that comment in the comments section. Either way, I'm sure everyone in on the vocoder game had a Midnight Star record within reach when they were just a lower-case g. It went double-platinum and continues to kick ass and take names today. Check it out.

No Parking on the Dancefloor


Wet My Whistle

From No Parking On The Dancefloor, 1983, Solar; On 12" Vinyl; Found at Goodwill of Orlando, Curry Ford location for $1.00)

Also, some news: I just got a new computer after 4 months of trying to keep this blog alive without one. The posts I was able to get up were done from a laptop I borrowed from the library. This is why posts were getting a lot less regular and I was not uploading my own pictures etc. But I now have a computer and I am in the process of recovering all the music I lost due to a lightning strike/my backup hard drive being corrupted. I lost all my vinyl rips so everything I'm putting up for the next few months will be brand new rips. That doesn't really effect the programming here, but I just hope it gives everyone an idea of what's going on if I go a long time without posting.

But, you won't miss anything if you add me to your RSS or follow my blog. Just move your hand about an inch to the north-east region of your mousepad, assuming your on a desktop, and click on the related links.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change - Miracles


On Top

Heaven of My Life


See what I did there?

(All tracks from Miracles, 1981 Atlantic/RFC; On 12" Vinyl; Found at Goodwill of Orlando, Michigan location for $1.00)