Thursday, April 2, 2009


As none of you have probably noticed, I've been quite invisible lately. I'm working on moving into a new place and my vinyl is one of the victims of the disarray that is my apartment. It's getting boxed up and dragged off and as I must sadly say, so is this blog. I'm going to continue music blogging, but I'm going to re-focus my efforts. It's still going to be a thrift-vinyl blog, in fact many of the posts seen here are simply moving to the new blog, but I'm going to make it a exclusively a disco blog. I know disco is pretty much all I post but I felt like this blog's main weakness is that it never had a stated genre focus. Also, I have a shit-ton of disco records so, there's that too.

So, for the time being, this is it. Thanks to anyone who ever even bothered to check it out. And as I said earlier, I'll be back. But in the interim, enjoy a few cuts that I was able to upload before the boxing began.

Gary Criss - Rio De Janiero

Sylvester - Can't Stop Dancing

Claudia Berry - Boogie-Woogie Dancin' Shoes

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rory Block - You're The One

Surprise! I'm still alive. Also, surprise! More disco. Found Vinyl is your one trick pony of music blogging. I hope it's a good trick.

BTW: I just noticed I left the recording going after the song ended so there is some tail to the track. I would usually fix this, but, fuck it. This blog requires more work than my actual job sometimes so I'm sure you understand.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apollonia 6 - Sex Shooter

Apollonia 6, formerly known as Vanity 6, were originally affiliated with Prince. But back in '84, they released this very Prince inspired single. Check it out.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pink Lady - Kiss In The Dark + Walk Away Renee

Here's some late 70's disco from the Japanese duo Pink Lady. A-Side: Kiss In The Dark, B-Side: Walk Away Renee. Enjoy.

Kiss In The Dark

Walk Away Renee

(From Kiss In The Dark 12" Single, Elektra 1979; On 12" Vinyl; Found at Goodwill of Orlando E. Colonial location for $1.00)

Monday, December 1, 2008

98.7 Kiss FM New York presents Shep Pettibones Mastermixes

Out here in the vast expanses of the blogosphere, as adults like to call it, you can find remix upon remix upon remix of just about every dance song popular right now. And why not? It's pretty damn easy to make one these days given the availability of the software and how quickly you can propagate your remix. But way back in the early 80's and beyond, there was no such thing as remixes. Until men like Shep Pettibone came along and changed all that. Sure, Hip Hop started the wheels in motion by rapping over popular disco songs throughout the 70's. But Shep Pettibone was one of the first to begin re-mixing songs for disco purposes.

Enter 98.7 Kiss FM New York and Prelude records and you have Shep's remixes on wax. Mastermixes is the record in question and it was copped by Nandy way back in 1982 (I assume). It's a solid 2 record set with a good mix of disco and funk. These are some of the best tracks:

Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music

Unlimited Touch - Searcin' To Find The One

Nick Straker Band - A Little Bit of Jazz

Jeanette "Lady" Day - Come Let Me Love You (NSFW)

Empress - Dyin' To Be Dancin'

(All tracks from 98.7 Kiss FM presents Shep Pettibone's Mastermixes VOL. 1, 1982 Prelude; On 12" Vinyl; Found at Goodwill of Orlando, Michigan location for $1.00)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Midnight Star - No Parking On The Dancefloor

Vocoder music has made a comeback of sorts lately. T-Pain started the comeback, then Snoop did "Sexual Eruption" and now everyone is in on it. I did no research on that history of modern vocoder-laced music, so feel free to refute that comment in the comments section. Either way, I'm sure everyone in on the vocoder game had a Midnight Star record within reach when they were just a lower-case g. It went double-platinum and continues to kick ass and take names today. Check it out.

No Parking on the Dancefloor


Wet My Whistle

From No Parking On The Dancefloor, 1983, Solar; On 12" Vinyl; Found at Goodwill of Orlando, Curry Ford location for $1.00)

Also, some news: I just got a new computer after 4 months of trying to keep this blog alive without one. The posts I was able to get up were done from a laptop I borrowed from the library. This is why posts were getting a lot less regular and I was not uploading my own pictures etc. But I now have a computer and I am in the process of recovering all the music I lost due to a lightning strike/my backup hard drive being corrupted. I lost all my vinyl rips so everything I'm putting up for the next few months will be brand new rips. That doesn't really effect the programming here, but I just hope it gives everyone an idea of what's going on if I go a long time without posting.

But, you won't miss anything if you add me to your RSS or follow my blog. Just move your hand about an inch to the north-east region of your mousepad, assuming your on a desktop, and click on the related links.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change - Miracles


On Top

Heaven of My Life


See what I did there?

(All tracks from Miracles, 1981 Atlantic/RFC; On 12" Vinyl; Found at Goodwill of Orlando, Michigan location for $1.00)

Friday, October 31, 2008


As promised, here is your Halloween goody bag of not-so-rare-but-pretty-good-alternative-Halloween-music. I kind of broke the rules a little because the only record from the thrift store in this bunch is the Alice Cooper track. The Duran Duran record is from some punk clothing store here in Orlando (Static), that happened to have a second-hand records section. The Yello record is from a second-hand record store in Tallahassee.

And that closes out Halloween programing for me this year. It was pretty hard to find enough appropriate records so I don't know if I will do it next year. But either way, I love Halloween and I'm glad I can share some good Halloween music.

Regular programing resumes in November. Way more Nandy on the way among many other things.

Duran Duran - Waiting For The Nightboat

Yello - Heavy Whispers

Alice Cooper - Dead Babies/Killer

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Total Coelo - I Eat Cannibals

(From the I Eat Cannibals single, 1983 Chrysalis; On 12" vinyl; Found at Christian Sharing Center on 17-92 in Longwood, Florida for .50 cents)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disney - Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House

As we approach Halloween, Walt Disney & Co. are here to chill you like no one else can. With such tracks as Timber, Your Pet Cat and Drips and Splashes, you're bound to be shaking in your boots in no time.

More music on the way soon including a goody bag of my favorite Halloween-esque songs I have on vinyl.

Side 1

Side 2

Side 1:

The Haunted House
The Very Long Fuse
The Dogs
Your Pet Cat
The Unsafe Bridge
Chinese Water Torture
The Birds
The Martian Monsters

Side 2:
Screams and Groans
Thunder, Lightning and Rain
Cat Fight
A Collection of Creaks
Fuses and Explosions
A Collection of Crashes
Drips and Spashes
Things in Space

(From Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House; 1964 Disneyland Records; Found at Goodwill of Orlando, Michigan location for $1.00)