Thursday, April 2, 2009


As none of you have probably noticed, I've been quite invisible lately. I'm working on moving into a new place and my vinyl is one of the victims of the disarray that is my apartment. It's getting boxed up and dragged off and as I must sadly say, so is this blog. I'm going to continue music blogging, but I'm going to re-focus my efforts. It's still going to be a thrift-vinyl blog, in fact many of the posts seen here are simply moving to the new blog, but I'm going to make it a exclusively a disco blog. I know disco is pretty much all I post but I felt like this blog's main weakness is that it never had a stated genre focus. Also, I have a shit-ton of disco records so, there's that too.

So, for the time being, this is it. Thanks to anyone who ever even bothered to check it out. And as I said earlier, I'll be back. But in the interim, enjoy a few cuts that I was able to upload before the boxing began.

Gary Criss - Rio De Janiero

Sylvester - Can't Stop Dancing

Claudia Berry - Boogie-Woogie Dancin' Shoes