Monday, December 1, 2008

98.7 Kiss FM New York presents Shep Pettibones Mastermixes

Out here in the vast expanses of the blogosphere, as adults like to call it, you can find remix upon remix upon remix of just about every dance song popular right now. And why not? It's pretty damn easy to make one these days given the availability of the software and how quickly you can propagate your remix. But way back in the early 80's and beyond, there was no such thing as remixes. Until men like Shep Pettibone came along and changed all that. Sure, Hip Hop started the wheels in motion by rapping over popular disco songs throughout the 70's. But Shep Pettibone was one of the first to begin re-mixing songs for disco purposes.

Enter 98.7 Kiss FM New York and Prelude records and you have Shep's remixes on wax. Mastermixes is the record in question and it was copped by Nandy way back in 1982 (I assume). It's a solid 2 record set with a good mix of disco and funk. These are some of the best tracks:

Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music

Unlimited Touch - Searcin' To Find The One

Nick Straker Band - A Little Bit of Jazz

Jeanette "Lady" Day - Come Let Me Love You (NSFW)

Empress - Dyin' To Be Dancin'

(All tracks from 98.7 Kiss FM presents Shep Pettibone's Mastermixes VOL. 1, 1982 Prelude; On 12" Vinyl; Found at Goodwill of Orlando, Michigan location for $1.00)


Anonymous said...

When is someone going to put this on CD or MP3? This is a classic evolution of music that needs to be broadcasted through out generations to come.

Anonymous said...

Did 98 kiss fm made any vinyl record for the Latin Rascals Autum Mix? In Youtube I found the mix not the vinyl. Goodwill has some good stuff I better go to my local store and check out the vinyls.