Friday, October 31, 2008


As promised, here is your Halloween goody bag of not-so-rare-but-pretty-good-alternative-Halloween-music. I kind of broke the rules a little because the only record from the thrift store in this bunch is the Alice Cooper track. The Duran Duran record is from some punk clothing store here in Orlando (Static), that happened to have a second-hand records section. The Yello record is from a second-hand record store in Tallahassee.

And that closes out Halloween programing for me this year. It was pretty hard to find enough appropriate records so I don't know if I will do it next year. But either way, I love Halloween and I'm glad I can share some good Halloween music.

Regular programing resumes in November. Way more Nandy on the way among many other things.

Duran Duran - Waiting For The Nightboat

Yello - Heavy Whispers

Alice Cooper - Dead Babies/Killer

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Total Coelo - I Eat Cannibals

(From the I Eat Cannibals single, 1983 Chrysalis; On 12" vinyl; Found at Christian Sharing Center on 17-92 in Longwood, Florida for .50 cents)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disney - Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House

As we approach Halloween, Walt Disney & Co. are here to chill you like no one else can. With such tracks as Timber, Your Pet Cat and Drips and Splashes, you're bound to be shaking in your boots in no time.

More music on the way soon including a goody bag of my favorite Halloween-esque songs I have on vinyl.

Side 1

Side 2

Side 1:

The Haunted House
The Very Long Fuse
The Dogs
Your Pet Cat
The Unsafe Bridge
Chinese Water Torture
The Birds
The Martian Monsters

Side 2:
Screams and Groans
Thunder, Lightning and Rain
Cat Fight
A Collection of Creaks
Fuses and Explosions
A Collection of Crashes
Drips and Spashes
Things in Space

(From Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House; 1964 Disneyland Records; Found at Goodwill of Orlando, Michigan location for $1.00)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Skinny Puppy - Stairs and Flowers 12"

Skinny Puppy has long been one of my favorite bands. That being said, "Stairs and Flowers" is probably my least favorite single from them. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but not as much as other Puppy material. The remixes that appear on the 12" don't compare to the original either. They are okay but not great. There is one particular sample that gets annoying after awhile.

But that's not to say this single isn't good. The remix of "Assimilate" is very good. Pretty true to the original but sped-up, louder and more violent. The synths are pretty rich and the bass is pretty hard hitting.

"Chainsaw" is excellent too. It also appears on many other discs in this version but I'm still glad they included it here. It's probably one of my favorite Puppy songs, especially around Halloween.

Assimilate (Remix)


Stairs and Flowers (Def Wish Mix)

(All tracks from the Stairs and Flowers 12" EP, 1987 Capitol/Nettwerk; On 12" vinyl; Found at Goodwill of Orlando 17-92 location)

More Skinny Puppy:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Damned - Street of Dreams + Shadow of Love

Halloween is a pretty big deal here at the offices of Found Vinyl. Horror movies are a nightly affair and the candy corn flows like bats from a belfry. So I figured, why not some Halloween-esque updates for October? So the programming around here for the next month will be a little different.

This weeks update is from a band that rode the crest of the Punk wave all the way to the shores of the Goth/Post-Punk movemnet: The Damned. This record by the Damned, Phantasmagoria, feels like the first chill of fall: refreshing and kind of moody without being overwhelmingly depressing. The B-Side of the disc is far more upbeat but still maintains a pretty candlelit like atmosphere.

Of course, I found this one at my favorite record store, the Goodwill on Michigan in Orlando, Fl. I found this one right around the time I was thinking about starting this blog so you could almost say it's one of the records that inspired me to start Found Vinyl.


Street of Dreams

Shadow of Love

(From Phantasmagoria, 1985, MCA; On 12" Vinyl; Found at Goodwill of Orlando, Michigan location)

Old-School Damned:

More Newer-School Damned:

(LOVE this fucking song by the way. I'd shell out full price for this record)